About Tree Guards

Tree Guards Hawaii is a Company that provides an array of products that include, but are not limited to, home decor and pest control.  Started in 1998 on a small island of Hawaii, now expanding to global markets around the world.  


Tree Guards Hawaii officially began in 1998 when owner Justin began hand painting metal bands that are plentifully seen adorning coconut trees in Hawaii.  The bands serve as a barrier to keep rodents from climbing to nest and/or eat the tree's fruit.  Working in lawn maintenance for many years with his Dad, he came across the idea after seeing countless plain metal bands that were boring and could use some spicing up.  He hand cut his first stencil that Summer of 1998 out of used manilla folders.  He spray painted his first tree guard and it was, as described by himself, "very ugly and demotivating at the time.  I'd spent so many hours trying to make that first guard so when I'd finally completed it and attached it to the tree in our yard the overwhelming pride and excitement that I had going into the endeavor took an immediate nosedive because the colors and design I'd used was, in my mind, terrible.  I was ready to forfeit the idea altogether right then and there."  At that very moment his younger Brother came walking outside, noticed Justin looking at the guard and exclaimed "wow, that is awesome!"  "My Brother immediately went back to doing whatever it was that he'd been doing and left me there to ponder.  We both didn't realize it at the time but that simple exclamation by him gave me the mental boost that allowed me to continue trying to improve the company and ultimately lead to the success it has seen today."